Print Sample Request

Would you like to see your material or packaging printed with one of our printers?

Fill out this brief form with your contact information and summary of your print sample request and requirements. Once the form is summited, you will receive and email with a Print Sample Ticket ID number along with shipping instructions to send in your items for testing.

Here are a few helpful tips for filling out the form to ensure our experts have all the information they need:

  • Be as specific as possible in the summary.
  • How fast do you need the ink to dry?
  • What color ink would you like to see printed?
  • Is there a specific message you would like to see printed?
  • What is the print size you would like to see?
  • Is there a process before or after print that may affect ink performance?

Please Note

Our Print Sample lab only performs dry time, adhesion and print quality testing.
We are not able to duplicate or emulate your precise production set up.
We will print your materials and provide the dry time and adhesion results.
Printed samples are sent back to you for approval.